37 Gallon Seahorse Tank

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Before we continue with the wonders of seahorses,
 there are a few things you should know:


Seahorses are very sensitive to their surrounding.
Water quality needs to be perfect. How they can live in our oceans, with all the junk we've been putting in, is a mystery to me.

more info on water quality


2) There is a difference between Wild Caught, and Tank Raised.

more info on sources


3) Not much in the way of scientific data.  Just a general knowledge, and much guessing about illnesses and dieses.  Lots of drugs... but hard to treat a sick seahorse if nobody can figure out what they have!
4) Bad things happen


 We can't get Tiger Tail seahorses that are tank raised, so if we wanted them, which we do, we're stuck with Wild Caught.

Unfortunately,  they come with problems.
With all the stress they go through, their immune system is basically shot to hell.
With their natural ability to fight off bacterial, fungal, and viral infections/diseases, they get sick as soon as you look at them.

Shadow was the first to go.
I think it started with protozoan parasites, then finished with an infection.

Ariel was next.

Then Prince. 


After Shadow died, Ariel started moping around so we went a found her a mate.

His name was Prince.




Then Ariel died.
Prince was very unhappy so again, we went shopping for a mate.
We couldn't find a female,  but Prince needed a friend so we brought home Silver.  This is a picture of Silver and Prince.




Soon after, Prince died. And we were pretty upset about killing these poor little critters.  But again, the single seahorse was lonely.

We haven't been able to find a suitable mate yet.
We'll keep searching for a female Tiger Tail  for Silver.

But until we find one, he'll just have to hang with 'little one'




'Little One' is a female barbouri.



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