50 Gallon Reef Tank


04-19-2003 Our local fish store had a great sale on 50 gallon tanks and hoods for only $89 so I figured I'd start a salt water reef tank.

To try and keep this short - $250 to get out of the store, and all I got was this :
  And no T-shirt !
  A tank, two live rocks, live sand, Instant Ocean salt mix and 4 fish

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 here are the two 'live' rocks

Very sad indeed, but I was hooked (lined and sunk).
My wife and I took my little plastic card and in as little as two weeks, just shopping on weekends, we were able to convert a vacation in Hawaii into umm, 1/2 a reef tank.  I still need some more live rocks, but I also need a wife  ;>)

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