37 Gallon Seahorse Tank

Two for now



This Shadow. He is a male Tiger Tail
(Hippocampus Comes)
Very shy -or- lazy.  Mostly stays put in one spot during the day.
At night when the tank lights and room lights are off he'll cruise around a bit.



Close up



This is Ariel.  She is a female Tiger Tail.
She's very active, but a bit of a prima donna.  Spends a lot of her time trying to hitch to her reflection on the tank glass.
We have a 46 second movie you can download -->here<-- but it's pretty big, 6.6 Megs.  Figure an hour or so on dialup ??




Personally, I think they make a cute couple.









It took a little prodding to get him off his tail.  As you can see in the picture, he was already looking for an escape route.


A few seconds later, he went back to his usual spot.


This is the seahorse tank, in case you were wondering

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